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pet training | Wilkes Barre, PA | K-9 Korner Inc | 570-829-8142


"As a working professional and dog owner, K9 Korner has been an incredible resource. My dog, Scout, started going to K9 Korner Daycare at 11 weeks of age and still goes to this day and he is now 2 ½ years old. Given the hours I work, I wasn’t sure that I could have a dog because it wouldn’t be fair to leave him alone for so long during the day. But a friend told me about K9 Korner and I am so glad he did. Everyday Scout bounds through the K9 Korner door excited to see his K9 friends—from the caring staff to the other dogs who board there during the day. It is a relief to me to know that while I’m at work, Scout is having fun romping with the other dogs, swimming in the kiddie pool, and generally getting tuckered out from all of the fun and excitement. One of the side benefits of taking my dog to K9 is that he is so well socialized that he is a very friendly dog who loves everyone he meets from new people to new animals. He even likes going to the Vet!!! I highly recommend K9 Korner to all my dog owner friends!." - E. Graham


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Life's Abundance Dog Food
Most allergies and skin problems come from inferior ingredients in your dog's food. Check out Life's Abundance web page to learn about their fresh, human-quality ingredients and nutrition your pet will be provided by their superior food.

NuVet Supplements
Protect your pet from numerous health concerns with NuVet Plus!

The Natural Vet
Our friends at Natural Vet are our go to team for checking for bugs on our dogs. Visit their site for information on heir non-toxic products to remove ticks, fleas, and other parasites from many pets, and humans!

Adopt A Pet
Millions of lovable cats and dogs are waiting for the opportunity to be you companion. Visit now to save a life and change yours.

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