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"Our family's been going to K-9 Korner for over 11 years. We've used them for boarding, grooming, training, and daycare. We can honestly say that you will not find better service anywhere else. These people care about you and your dog." - L. Kimsel

Hear what our customers have said:

Our family has been going to K-9 Korner for over 11 years. We have used them for boarding, grooming, training, and daycare. In a pinch we have tried a few other groomers and another boarder because they were closer to our home. We can honestly say that you will not find better service anywhere else. These people care about you and your dog. You definitely want to take your new puppy here for training. They will help you deal with his/her puppy craziness and teach you how to train him/her. I don't know what we would have done had it not been for their daycare service with both of us working full time.

Laurea and Mark Kimsel

I am so glad I took our vet's advice and enrolled our dog at K-9 Korner. I read numerous books on dog Training and thought I was ready to train a puppy. Two days after I got my 7 week old German Shepherd, I realized that books just do not cut it! I enrolled my dog, Nikko Von Moreck, in a year long puppy/basic obedience class when he was 10 weeks old. Right from the start, Paul and Karen guided us and taught us the essentials of dog training. No matter what training/obedience problems we encountered, Paul had an answer or solution for us. Now that Nikko is 15 months old and graduated from "down" class, we couldn't imagine not spending the time and money advancing his training. Everyone we meet can't believe how well-trained our dog is. Paul is always willing to spend his time advising and helping us make our dog superb. Coming to K-9 Korner is the best money we ever spent. When you have a big dog it is necessary to train him/her, and I can't recommend a better training facility.

Erin and Aaron Moreck

We have been clients of K9 Korner since October 2006. Roscoe was only 4 and 1/2 months old when we began training classes. He has since come a long way from the radical pup he was when we first brought him home, all due to the skills and professionalism that the staff has shared with us. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needed help with training their pets.

Kathy Derwin

As a working professional and dog owner, K9 Korner has been an incredible resource. My dog, Scout, started going to K9 Korner Daycare at 11 weeks of age and still goes to this day and he is now 2 ½ years old. Given the hours I work, I wasn’t sure that I could have a dog because it wouldn’t be fair to leave him alone for so long during the day. But a friend told me about K9 Korner and I am so glad he did. Everyday Scout bounds through the K9 Korner door excited to see his K9 friends—from the caring staff to the other dogs who board there during the day. It is a relief to me to know that while I’m at work, Scout is having fun romping with the other dogs, swimming in the kiddie pool, and generally getting tuckered out from all of the fun and excitement. One of the side benefits of taking my dog to K9 is that he is so well socialized that he is a very friendly dog who loves everyone he meets from new people to new animals. He even likes going to the Vet!!! I highly recommend K9 Korner to all my dog owner friends!

Elizabeth Graham

Meeka was 11 weeks old when we enrolled her in training and doggie daycare. I don’t know what I would have done without K9 Korner. I had done research on training a new puppy, but after a week on my own I was lost. After our evaluation we signed up and had our first class a few days later. In 10 minutes we had seen the difference in Meeka. 5 months later, Meeka still has a blast at daycare, all the groups, and especially agility classes. I smirk and chuckle when I see other dog owners at the local pet stores who try and have their dog be obedient by clicking, snapping fingers, and bribing them with treats. The dog just looks at them puzzled. Paul and Karen”s methods work at the basic animalistic level. Simple, straight forward methods provide a safe, obedient, and healthy animal

Scott Paull


My bichon, SoHo and I, began training at K9 Korner after I had SoHo for nearly 2 years (he was almost 5 years old). I feared that he was "too old to learn". I was quite mistaken - After 3 private lessons and continued group training - he and I can't get enough! Every moment we spend at K9 Korner is a learning experience - for us both. SoHo has really come a long way due to the expertise and professionalism of Karen, Paul and the staff at K9 Korner. Additionally, SoHo has tried so many different foods over the past 2 years and was having a difficult time finding a food that agreed with his allergies. Fortunately for us, through K9 Korner, we were introduced to Life's Abundance Premium Health Food. This food is not only much more healthy for SoHo, it also agrees with his allergies. Thank you for your patience, kindness and understanding as you continue to train and educate us! I can't recommend a better facility for all of our doggy needs!

Kristin Fino


To say “Thank You” to Paul Price and all the trainers at K-9 Corner (Professional Dog Training, Daycare, and Boarding) in Wilkes-Barre would just not do justice because their training and time helped save lives and will continue to pay it forward with unconditional love and support.

One year ago, I took my dog, Hutch, for an evaluation in hopes of training him to be my service dog. Hutch was a rescue dog from the Hazleton Animal Shelter and I was lucky to get him, actually blessed. He was found abandoned in the streets, bruised, malnourished, and infested with fleas, ticks and worms. Hutch also was adopted by several families and returned to the shelter because he wasn’t good with children and other dogs, and had aggression and dominant issues. I rescued him right before Thanksgiving 2006.

After working with him on my own for 6 months, I decided to take him to Harrisburg to be evaluated for service dog training. He failed the temperament test and was not invited to participate in the program.

I took Hutch to K-9 corner for obedience training and socialization skills. Hutch progressed very well and responded quickly to Paul Price’s training and encouragement. I will never forget Paul complimenting Hutch and telling me that the “dog has a purpose now and you can see it in his eyes when he’s working with me”. We trained Hutch to pull logs in the backyard building up his strength to support my weight. I suffer from dystonia (brain disease & neurological disorder) and some days I lose my balance and fall and also have problems walking. Hutch can brace himself to help me after falling and I can also use his harness to guide me for balance, plus he’s also there to support me when alone or traveling. Paul’s guidance and working everyday over the past year allowed Hutch to be a certified Service Dog.
In Pennsylvania to be a service dog: You must have a letter from your doctor indicating a need for a service animal, clearance from a veterinarian, and a recommendation from a certified dog trainer.

I have taken Hutch to restaurants, sporting events, participated in dystonia advocacy day in Washington DC (Meeting all the congressmen and senators), presented at the Children’s symposium for dystonia in Chicago, ran races, and he has helped me get through some very difficult days and situations. He truly is a dog with purpose.

But I also had a dream of sharing him with other people and using his unconditional love to help the sick and elderly. With the help of the instructors at K-9 Corner, Hutch successfully passed the Therapy Dog International Test and the Canine Good Citizen requirements this past week, which will allow access to hospitals, day-care centers, schools, and retirement homes.

I am so thankful for finding this dog at the shelter but I sincerely believe Hutch found me. I saved his life and now he’s saving mine. Paul Price gave the dog a purpose and helped bring out a special gift that was almost lost. This letter is to thank K-9 corner (An exceptional training program) and encourage adoption of dogs because they are truly a blessing.

Pat Brogan


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